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Designed for individuals, MSME, SMEs, and Startups to satisfy their working capital needs and expand their businesses by allowing their suppliers to be paid ahead of time through loans while they pay their invoices at the due date.

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Why Invoice Financing

Improved Stronger Credit

With cash on hand, you can obtain discounts from suppliers and negotiate for better terms with faster payment procedures.

Reduced Collection Period

Invoice financing is a great way to get rid of the blocked funds that are stuck in long due finances.

Fast Working Capital Injection

Cash advances by invoice trading platforms are usually transferred within a day, which is way faster than other credit facilities


Who Do We Fund

You’re a Malaysian-registered business and have been in operation for at least 1 year.
Your business is majorly owned by a Malaysian (at least 51% and above).
Your business is providing goods or services to other Malaysian businesses on credit terms (B2B Business).
Your business has mid-to-large size corporate(s) as customer(s) (private or public) OR you have an annual revenue of more than RM2 million.


How It Works

An eligible business submits the required information to apply for business financing.


Our credit and risk professionals will fairly and objectively evaluate each application.


Within 48 hours of approval, funds will be disbursed into your bank account.



Looking For More Info?

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice Financing is a form of financial transaction whereby the buyer/seller uses an invoice as their collateral to quickly gain short-term loans from a financing company.

How does invoice financing work?

iLending helps you secure collateral-free loans through a fully digitalised/paperless process. With iLending, you can apply for an amount of up to RM500,000 with interest rate of 0.1%-1.5% per month with a tenure of up to 6 months.


Upon approval of the invoice financing amount, we will credit the amount to you after fee deduction.


Repayment will be in monthly installments and is fully automated given that there is sufficient amount in your bank account.

Why is invoice financing important?

It is a flexible way to fund your investments and it secures your cash flow while you are allowed to extend your payment terms. This is a great way for your business to grow at any time without having to worry about immediate financial issues.

Are there any fees & charges?

Fees include:
1. Attestation fees: 5% of the approved amount deducted before disbursement
2. Stamping fees: 5% of the approved amount deducted before disbursement


Late fees: 

Should there be any late repayments, a 0.67% interest fee will be added into the remaining unpaid balance monthly.

What are the required documents that I would need for invoice financing?

Required documents for Invoice Financing:

- All SSM Forms
- Business License - MPK/Industry License
- Bank Statement for 6 months
- Reimbursement documents (BL/DO/Transaction slip)

- Contract (PO/LC)

- Auditor report (For company more than 1 year)

- Management account report (For company less less than 1 year)

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