Accelerate your business’s growth with MSME loan

Even though the vast majority of these firms are found in the unorganized sector of the economy, micro, small, and micro-sized enterprises (MSMEs) make a considerable contribution to Malaysia’s gross domestic product.

October 18, 2022  • 9 mins read

Invoice Financing for Startups

As you presumably already know, controlling cash flow is one of the hardest issues a startup encounters in its early stages. To meet high overhead costs and maintain efficient corporate operations, these new companies need enough operating capital.

October 17, 2022  • 9 mins read

Ways to Cope with Inflation in Malaysia 2022

After two years of being devastated by the Covid-19 outbreak, Malaysia's economy is continuing to recover quickly, but we are still confronting numerous internal and global issues.

October 17, 2022  • 9 mins read

The Importance Digital Marketing in Financial Industries

To increase consumer interaction and earn their trust, digital marketing for financial services is the main objective. Digital marketing techniques must be put into action if you want to increase your visibility and reach more potential clients. Financial institutions have started setting aside a percentage of their budget purely for digital marketing across a variety of channels in order to make this work

October 17, 2022  • 9 mins read

Why is Supply Chain Financing Important among SMEs and How to Leverage it?

All businesses need financing, either as an investment or a source of working capital. Working capital is used to finance inventory, buy raw materials for production, and bridge the gap until receivables from consumers are paid. Because of this, initiatives worldwide to close the funding gap for small and micro-sized enterprises must prioritize access to appropriate financing solutions.

October 14, 2022  • 9 mins read

How Fintech Reshaped the Financial Service Industry

Fintech is inevitably becoming a huge part of our lives today. The new technology is allowing businesses to develop new products that can more effectively meet client demands for accessibility, convenience, and personalization. What does the financial sector's future hold in light of all these changes?

October 14, 2022  • 9 mins read

Cash Flow Strategies for Your Business to Survive During a Recession

The term “recession” can hold different meanings to different industry experts or business professionals. Some believe that during a season of recession, businesses will experience a complete loss and operations will shut down permanently.

October 14, 2022  • 9 mins read

A Guide to Invoice Financing in Malaysia 2022

There are about 40% GDP contributions from SMEs in Malaysia. Despite this success, many SMEs in Malaysia are having trouble with their cash flow and are now researching invoice finance as a different sort of loan facility. 

October 14, 2022  • 9 mins read

Difference between Supply Chain Finance and Invoice Factoring

Infrastructure improvements, operational competition initiatives, economic turbulence, longer timeframes for payments. A supplier may need to be paid in advance for the goods or services it provides for a myriad of reasons, but they all contribute to the same overriding goal: improved cash flow. In reality, this necessity has heightened concerns due to the dangers and chokepoints in today's global supply chains.

October 14, 2022  • 9 mins read

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