SMEs & Micro SMEs Lending

SMEs & Micro SMEs Lending

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What is SMEs & Micro SMEs Financing?

Designed for individuals, Micro SME, SMEs, and Startups to resolve cash flow through loans without collaterals and by allowing your business to run ahead of time while you pay your bills at the due date.

How does SMEs & Micro SMEs Digital Financing work?

iLending helps you secure collateral-free loans through a fully digitalised/paperless process. With iLending, you can apply for an amount of up to RM500,000 with interest rate of 0.1%-1.5% per month with a tenure of up to 6 months.

Upon approval of the financing amount, we will credit the amount to you after fee deduction.

Repayment will be in monthly installments and is fully automated given that there is sufficient amount in your bank account.

Why is SMEs & Micro SMEs Lending important?

Despite constantly contributing to the economy, it is often difficult to gain access to loans from banks and other financial institutes due to the size of the business. At iLending, we believe in the contributions of such businesses, and we are able to provide lending and allow them to focus on their growth while we settle their cashflow.

Are there any fees & charges?

Fees include:
1. Attestation fees: 5% of the approved amount deducted before disbursement
2. Stamping fees: 5% of the approved amount deducted before disbursement

Late fees: Should there be any late repayments, a 0.67% interest fee will be added into the remaining unpaid balance monthly.

What are the required documents that I would need for SMEs & MSMEs Digital Financing?

Required documents for SMEs & Micro SMEs Financing:

- Statutory Forms (Form 9, 13, 24 & 49)
- Business License
- Bank Statement 6 months
- Management account
- Debtors & Creditors Ageing List of all products
- Auditor report

More Questions?

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team.